LungSys Consortium’s Mission

LungSys is a highly interdisciplinary consortium with members from medicine, biochemistry, cell biology, medical imaging, chemistry, physics, mathematics and industry. Its mission is to identify the role of the EpoR in tumor progression, and design strategies that lead to improved therapeutic outcomes. LungSys employs a Systems Biology approach that is capable of integrating experimental data generated by molecular biology and clinical research by mathematical models and addressing emergent properties arising from dynamic behavior.

LungSys is structured in four researching blocks, which are called Work Package 1 (WP1), Work Package 2 (WP2), Work Package 3 (WP3) and Work Package 4 (WP4). To ensure comparability and significance of the experimental data generated in the WPs standard operating procedures (SOP) will be established. Time-resolved quantitative data of the molecular behavior of the tumor cells, the interaction/communication between the tumor cells and other cells in the media and the angiogenesis of the tumor will be used to define and shape mathematical models. Finally these models will be integrated in a multi-scale model that will enable model-based finger printing allowing to predict the effect of Epo and its derivatives in patients and thereby contributing to personalized medicine. In addition it will allow to define strategies to avoid the undesired EPO effects in the progression of the disease, preventing the associated anemia to the cancer treatments and improve the life quality of the patients.